Whereas, the members of Iron Workers Local 1 recognize the importance of the Superintendent and General Foreman on job sites, and

Whereas, the Executive Committee of Iron Workers Local 1 recommends the Addition to the Local Union By-Laws,

Add to Article XV Section 1 with the following language:


The duty of a job Superintendent, and or General Foreman.

A) There shall be Restrictions as to the Superintendent, and or General Foreman of the employers.

B) When a Superintendent and or General Foreman is a representative of the employers, they shall not work on job sites and or projects as a Foreman, shall not wear a belt, use tools of the trade, or perform duties of an Ironworker, unless authorized by the Local Union Executive Board.

C) Any member in violation or Provisions of this By-Law, will come to the attention of the Executive Board.

D) All charges shall be filed and trials shall be conducted in accordance of the International Constitution.