Whereas, the members of Iron Workers Local 1 recognize the importance of the Steward on jobsites; and

Whereas, the Executive Committee of Iron Workers Local 1 recommends the following changes to the Local Union By-Laws:

Replace Section 5 with the following language:

Section 5.

It shall be the duty of the Steward to personally deliver a Steward's Report to the Local Union Office. The delivery of the Steward's Report shall be considered part of the Steward's work for the Employer and the Steward shall be compensated for the delivery of the Steward's report, including any overtime, in the same manner as if the Steward was at a jobsite.

The Steward's Report shall be delivered on a weekly basis, unless otherwise directed by the Local Union. The Steward's Report shall be on the form provided by the Local Union.  Unless changed by the Local Union, the Steward's Report shall include the following information:  (a) date; (b) location of work; (c) name and telephone number of the fabricator; (d) name and telephone number of the company; (e) insurance carrier; (f) number of iron workers in good standing; (g) number of iron workers in arrears; (h) number of iron workers on Service Dues; (i) estimated length of the job; (j) location of nearby work; (k) estimate of whether additional iron workers are needed; (l) whether any injuries occurred on the job; (m) last date the business representative was on the job; and (n) a description of the work.

Add a new Section 7:

Section 7

The Business Representative may, in his sole discretion, appoint any Union Member in good standing as a Steward, even if that Steward is not presently employed by the Employer in the bargaining unit.