1951 to 1960

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The 50’s started slowly, but by the mid-fifty’s a building boom started in Chicago that lasted 50 years, surviving a couple of recessions in that period.

Some of the more notable structural steel building projects were the

  • Prudential Building. Built in 1955, the 41 story building was the first new downtown skyscraper built in Chicago since 1934.
  • Inland Steel Building. The 33 story building built in 1956-57 was designed with no interior columns allowing highly flexible floor plans.
  • McCormick Place was started in 1958 and was expanded in 1986, 1997 and 2007, making it the largest convention center in the United States.

A major road-building program including many bridges was started in the mid-fifty’s which included:

  • The Dan Ryan Expressway started in the late 50’s and completed on 1962.
  • Chicago Skyway, a 7.8 mile toll road featuring the “High Bridge” with a main span of 650’ was built in 1958
  • Edens Expressway built in the early 50’s
  • Eisenhower Expressway started in 1955 and completed in 1972

Reinforced building helped with the building boom, which included:

  • Stateway Gardens, eight 16 story Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) buildings constructed 1955 to 1958
  • Robert Taylor Homes: 28 16 story (CHA) buildings built in the late 50’s and completed in 1962.
  • Cabrini-Green
  • 1000 North Lake Shore Drive: A 23 story Condominium built in 1954

In addition to the job photos in the 50’s, you’ll find:

  • Photos of Local One Korean War Veterans.
  • Newspaper headlines and military photos of the Korean War.