Terrorist Attacks in the US in the 1990's

There were a number of terrorist attacks on the interior of the United States during the 90”s. But many went unreported as the media willingly abided by an unspoken gag rule meant to keep the American people calm.

There was so much going on at the time that when Congressman Sonny Bono (R-CA) was killed, that the first thing suspected was terrorism. Bono had been serving on the House Intelligence Committee dealing with the terrorist incidents occurring, but not being reported at the time. And one of the issues Bono had taken up shortly before his death, was that the occurrence of terrorist attacks should be made public. Below are some of the most prominent:

1/25/1993, A gunman kills 2 and wounds 3 at the entrance of CIA headquarters.
2/26/1993, A bomb explosion at the World Trade Center in New York killed 6 and wounded 1000.
4/19/1995, An truck bomb shattered the Murrah Federal office building in Oklahoma City with 168 dead including children playing in the buildings day care center..
7/27/1996, A pipe bomb exploded in the heart of the Olympic Summer Games killing at least 2 and wounding more than 111.
2/24/1997, A gunman fired into a crowd of tourists on the observation deck of the Empire State Building killing 1 and wounding 6 before shooting himself in the head.
12/31/1999, An arson fire destroyed the 4th floor of Michigan State University’s Agriculture Hall causing a million dollars in damage.
In addition, terrorist attacked the U.S. overseas:

6/26/1996, A truck bomb tour through apartment building at an Air Force complex in Saudi Arabia killing 23 Americans and wounding over 300.
8/7/1998, Multiple bombs exploded outside the U.S. Embassies in the Kenyan and Tanzanian capitols toppling a four story building and killing more than 50 people and hundreds injured.