The Championship Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are well known for having one of the greatest dynasties in NBA and sports history during the 1990’s winning six championships in eight years with two three-peats.

All six of those championship teams were led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Coach Phil Jackson.

The first three championship teams included the likes of Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, John Paxton and B. J. Armstrong, while the latter three championship teams had Luc Longley, Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, Toni Kukoc and Dennis Rodman on the roster.

The Bulls won an NBA record 72 games during the 1995-96 NBA season and are the only team in NBA history to win 70 games or more in a single season.

During the 1990’s, the Bulls helped spread the popularity of the NBA around the world. The 1998 NBA finals, the Bulls most recent championship appearance, was the most watched championship series in NBA history.


The 1994 Baseball strike resulted in the cancellation of the World Series for the first time in 90 years. It lasted 232 days, from August 12 1994 to April 2, 1995 and led to the cancellation of 920 games overall, and dragged into the next Spring.

Baseball became the first sport in history to lose it’s post-season to a labor dispute. For the first time since 1904, there was no national professional baseball champion.