1981 To 1990

This decade was relatively positive for the Ironworker with a large amount of large downtown jobs (see below) and the normal amount of other work except for 1982-1983 when the unemployment rate reached 9.7% and then receded.

66 story 900 North Michigan
65 story Two Prudential Plaza
63 story Olympia Center
61 story North Pier Apartments
61 story A T & T Corporate Center
58 story One Magnificent Mile
57 story Onterie Center
57 story Third First National
56 story Huron Plaza
55 story North Harbor Tower
50 story181 West Madison
50 story Leo Burnett Building
46 story Michigan Plaza South
45 story Madison Plaza
42 story 190 South LaSalle
41 story CitiGroup Central
41 story Smufit-Stone Building
37 story NBC Tower
36 story Boeing International Headquarters

In Chicago the majority of the news of the decade and a short time before was dominated by the office of Mayor. When Mayor Richard J. Daley died on December 20, 1976 after 21 years in office, it resulted in six (6) different Mayors in the following thirteen (13) years. The last Mayor in this group was Richard M. Daley who served in office for 22 years.

On the national scene, one of the major stories was the Iran Hostage situation and the failed rescue attempt which was a determining factor in causing President Jimmy Carter losing to Ronald Reagan.