1961 to 1970

The 60’s continued the building boom that started in the 50’s and lasted past the end of the century with a few bumps (recessions) along the way.

The major expressway work started during the 50’s continued with the addition of the Calumet (Bishop Ford), the Stevenson and the Kennedy Expressways.

In addition the public housing boom continued with Rockwell Gardens located on 17 acres with 1,126 units.

Downtown Chicago continued to grow with Tower Cranes in abundance. Large jobs included:

60 story Chase Tower

100 story John Hancock

31 story Daley Center

70 story Lake Point Towers

2-65 story Marina Towers

And other notable buildings including

United Insurance

U.S. Gypsum

Equitable Life

IBM Building

In addition to the job photographs, you’ll find:

Photos of Local One Vietnam Veterans and

Vietnam War news headlines and military photographs