1951 to 1960

The 50’s started slowly, but by the mid-fifty’s a building boom started in Chicago that lasted 50 years, surviving a couple of recessions in that period.

Some of the more notable structural steel building projects were the

Prudential Building. Built in 1955, the 41 story building was the first new downtown skyscraper built in Chicago since 1934.
Inland Steel Building. The 33 story building built in 1956-57 was designed with no interior columns allowing highly flexible floor plans.
McCormick Place was started in 1958 and was expanded in 1986, 1997 and 2007, making it the largest convention center in the United States.
A major road-building program including many bridges was started in the mid-fifty’s which included:

The Dan Ryan Expressway started in the late 50’s and completed on 1962.
Chicago Skyway, a 7.8 mile toll road featuring the “High Bridge” with a main span of 650’ was built in 1958
Edens Expressway built in the early 50’s
Eisenhower Expressway started in 1955 and completed in 1972
Reinforced building helped with the building boom, which included:

Stateway Gardens, eight 16 story Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) buildings constructed 1955 to 1958
Robert Taylor Homes: 28 16 story (CHA) buildings built in the late 50’s and completed in 1962.
1000 North Lake Shore Drive: A 23 story Condominium built in 1954
In addition to the job photos in the 50’s, you’ll find:

Photos of Local One Korean War Veterans.
Newspaper headlines and military photos of the Korean War.