1941 to 1950

During this decade, America rebounded from the Great Depression. From 1941 to 1945 America was busy fighting World War II and all of the resources of the Government and a large percentage of private industry was in some way involved in the war effort. The latter part of the 40’s was dedicated to rebuilding America after the damage of the Depression and WW II.

The United States had very little capacity for manufacturing military equipment or munitions in 1939 when WW II broke out. The solution was to create a large network of interlocking military plants throughout the United States, many in the Midwest.

These plants provided work for the Ironworkers who were not in the service. After the war, America got busy rebuilding after the damage cause by the Depression and the War.

Of course, photos of Defense Plants were not allowed and the Ironworker was much too busy to take pictures, so there are few pictures of this decade. In addition to those few photos you’ll also find:

Local One World War 2 Veterans photos.
World War 2 newspaper headlines and military photos.
An amazing 22 page B-17F Flight Log from the Eighth Air Force, 385th Bomb Wing & the 550th Squadron from September 4, 1943 to February 21, 1944.