The Associated Steel Erectors

When Local One was organized in 1892, they had to establish guidelines about meeting times and places, elect Officers, establish dues and the other necessities of an new labor organization. But that was just the first step. But, who do you address your wishes and concerns to. There had to be an organized group of employers to bargain with.

We don’t know when a group of steel fabricators, erectors and contractors combined to become the “Iron League of Chicago”. Nor do we know when Local One started to negotiate with them. We can only assume that it was very early in Local One’s history.

Local One negotiated with the iron League for about 35 years until approximately 1928. The story of how that changed is told by Mr. Frank Pontious of Kenwood Construction in a 1962 typed page that is copied in this web-site. An interesting story of meeting and signing an agreement with an International Vice President about midnight in a downtown hotel.

The Associated Steel Erectors (ASE) assumed the role of negotiating with Local One at that time and has continued for more then 80 years to the present day. It‘s necessary for Local One to have a responsible negotiating partner if it to succeed and we‘re fortunate to have the (ASE) as that partner.

The are a varied group representing structural steel erectors, precast concrete erection, reinforcing steel installation, metal buildings, post tensioning and the erection of bar joists and metal decking. Many of the owners are ex-Ironworkers and some of the companies have been there for generations.

In addition to negotiating contracts with Local One, (ASE) members also serve as Trustees on all of Local One funds and the Apprenticeship in conjunction with Local One Trustees.