1911 to 1920

Despite the national strike, trials, troubles and tribulations that the International and Local One had, this decade was one of unsurpassed progress and prosperity. This no doubt due in no small part to the dynamite campaign that was waged. Contractors found that it was easier to work with the Ironworkers than to support the national lock-out.

In addition to the day by day workings of the Ironworker, many other events effected his life during this period, including:

World War One 1914-1918

The Ironworkers Los Angeles bombing trial 1911-1912

The Ironworkers Dynamite Conspiracy trial 1911-1913

The Eastland Boat Disaster 1915

Chicago Race Riots 1919

While some of this events were more important in the life of the average Ironworker than others. They help to give us a feeling for the times and the issues that were important.

Because of the huge effect that World War 1 had upon Local One and the country, we have documented with photos and newspaper headlines this event.

The L.A. and conspiracy bombing trials effected labor relations for years after they were completed.

The Eastland Boat Disaster could have been prevented with the proper inspections and oversight. 20/20 hindsight.

The Race Riots were the worst in the city’s history.