Local One Ironworker History

It is in recognition of the twentieth anniversary of the Retiree Club that we present to the viewer the history of Ironworker’s Local One, Chicago Illinois. In cooperation with Local One, and the assistance of many people and institutions including the International Association and their resources, which supplied Local One information from the Ironworker Magazine stretching back over a hundred years, International Vice President Ray Robertson and Local 63 who allowed complete access and their copy machine to the research that developed the Ironworkers 100th Anniversary Book and finally to the many Ironworkers who contributed their photos and support in the development of the Historic Photo Wall in the Local One Union Hall that is the basis for this web-site.

This history is dedicated with gratitude to our founders, who overcame never-ending incredible obstacles to establish both Local One and the International Association. To those and the leaders who followed, who risked everything including their lives and went to jail to provide the fruits of labor that we enjoy today. And our forefather Ironworker’s who manned the picket lines and suffered the blows of Pinkerton detectives and other hired thugs that the robber barons of the corporate trusts were using to try and crush our unions.

The purpose of this web-site is hopefully to educate and instill in the reader appreciation for the sacrifices and hardships that were endured by our forefathers in the development of Local One and International Ironworker Union to bring us to this period in our history and to provide an incentive to continue the fight to provide decent wages and conditions for the working man and woman.

This web-site is a work in progress, contributions in the form of photos that are relative to Local One are gratefully accepted. Send them to the Retired Ironworkers, 7720 Industrial Dr., Forest Park, IL 60130

O God, make me as straight and as strong
As the iron on which I work
Grant me the ability to excel in my profession
Protect me with thy robe
From the chill of fog
And the turbulence of wind
Walk with me under fair skies
So I may reach the blessings of home.
by Galloway

Gordon Driscoll, Retiree Club Historian
Book # 468533