Substance Policy

Testing Suspended until April 30, 2021.

Full participation in all IMPACT programs is mandatory for all Local #1 members on June 1, 2010.

The Program creates a pool of eligible drug-free workers in order to eliminate repetitive testing and provide a safe work environment for all parties. The program recognizes a worker's drug test performed within the last twelve (12) months as a valid pre-employment drug test. Standardized procedures and a shared eligibility pool enable a worker's current test to:

• Serve as a valid pre-employment drug test for one or many contractors;
• Satisfy a contractor's requirements for hiring a worker to a job site; and
• Prevent a worker who is not in the eligibility pool from working on drug-free projects until he obtains a negative program test.

Signatory Parties of the Program have access to an online verification system to confirm that workers are in the eligibility pool. Workers not in the pool are not hired until they obtain a negative Program test result or complete the rehabilitation requirements. It is the contractor's responsibility to verify that a worker has a valid negative pre-employment drug test result.

The Program also provides for additional drug and alcohol testing circumstances to ensure that workers remain drug and alcohol free over the course of their employment.

Testing may be initiated under the following circumstances.

Initial/Pre-employment Test -An initial/pre-employment drug test is required to participate in the Program.

Annual Test -In order to remain eligible for the Program, the participant must resubmit to a drug test on at least an annual basis or his/her Program eligibility test will expire.

Random Testing -All Participants will be subject to unannounced drug testing as part of a random selection process. The Program will test a minimum of 25% of the total participants on an annual basis. If a participant is selected for a random test, the date or the random test shall be his/her new annual test date for renewal purposes.

Post Accident/Incident -A contractor may require a participant to submit to drug and alcohol tests after the involvement in, or cause of an accident, which causes injury to the participant or another party and which requires emergency medical treatment away from the scene, or, which causes damage or destruction to property. In the case of a fatality, all parties associated with the accident will be tested.

For Cause -All employees covered by this policy shall submit to drug and alcohol tests when the contractor has reasonable suspicion to believe that the covered employee has used a prohibited drug and/or engaged in alcohol misuse. During the process of establishing reasonable cause for testing, the employee has the right to request his onsite union representative to be present for consultation unless the consultation would result in a delay in administering the test. If the onsite representation is not available, all efforts will be made to contact representation from the employee's union.

Return to Duty -A return to duty negative drug and/or alcohol test is required for a participant to be reinstated into Program eligibility after a positive test.

Accelerated Random (Follow-UP) Testing -A participant who has returned to duty following a positive test result or other violation of this Policy, will be subject to a minimum of six (6) additional accelerated random (follow-up) tests, or greater, as prescribed by the Employee Assistance program (EAP) for a period of one year as a condition of further employment.