About Ironworkers Local 1

In 1892, The Bridge and Construction Men's Union and another organization called the Architectural Iron Workers, whose members worked both in the shops and the construction sites combined to form the Bridge and Structural Iron Workers. Today's Local One is an outgrowth of that 1892 founding.

Iron Workers Local 1, located in Chicago, Illinois, was chartered in 1896. The proud members of Local 1 have contributed the growth of Chicagoland for over 100 years. Our members have been a part of building the bridges to connect our roads, buildings to make up the skyline, a vast number of schools and universities concert venues, stadiums, hospitals, and amusement parks. The list keeps growing.

Members of Iron Workers Local 1 are highly skilled and highly motivated craftsman serving the many types of contractors in the iron working industry. Local 1 is a mixed local, which means we perform many types of work. Local 1 Iron Workers complete a three-year apprenticeship and are trained in skills needed to perform all the work required, such as bonded and unbonded post tensioning, the erection of structural steel, placing reinforcing steel, all bridgework, rigging, precast concrete structures, towers, assembly and disassembly of cranes, tower cranes, caissons, pre-engineered metal buildings and more.